MAMMA MIA MILANO! (First Part) Milan Travel Guide

Mamma Mia Italia! Mamma Mia Milano! 


Ciao a tutti! Benvenuto su! Oggi visitiamo Milano! Cominciamo!

Welcome everyone again! Today we’re going to visit Milan! Lots of things have changed in these days… As you know our website’s language is Turkish. But for this post for Italia for Milan, we made an exception. We’re going to use English in this post or article whatever you say! Yay! So, Milano or Milan is one of the favorite cities of mine in Europe. Of course, it’s on my top 5 list! But I can’t say the rank! Ssshh you must wait and see! It has many reasons to see. We already know that Milan is the capital city of fashion. Also, Milan is the capital city of Campari, Spritz, and Martini! I think everywhere in Italy also capitals of these but I’m from Milan! Home of AC Milan and Internazionale FC and the banks! All the banks in the world or insurance companies. I know it’s weird but welcome to Milan!


How to Go to Milan?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It’s easy if you’re living in Europe. You can choose bus, plane or train. It’s up to you! But if you’re living outside of Europe (like Turchia) you must choose plane if you don’t melt in the train!!! For the Turkish travelers and voyagers, I recommend Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines or Atlas Global. These are Turkish companies (yes this is my reason to choose one of them), but you have different options. It’s easy to check on Yes, finally we get money from them!!! It’s a joke everyone, relax, nobody gives a shit! Okay okay. I’m cooled down… So, those are the options for the Turks but remember always check the airport! That’s the must rule for us! What did we do? Well, that’s a good question. Me and Mio Fratello used to live in Germany. So, we booked our tickets from Ryan Air! No surprise at all! I know! We paid 87 euros for 2 persons (round trip). I think it was an okay price for Ryan Air. Because it is possible to find some cheaper flights during the periods. I suggested to you find the best price and best option for you. Anyway, we arrived at Bergamo airport. We took the shuttle service. You don’t have to make a reservation for it. You can buy shuttle tickets at the airport. But you must take the waiting line and wait for it! Sometimes it can be full. I suggest you must run fast there! After you get in the shuttle, trips usually take 45 min or 1 hours during to traffic. Shuttle trip was okay but in the end, we were in Milan! Milano Centrale!


Where to Stay in Milan?

Street View from the Hostel


Open or or whatever accommodation website you want. And choose the best one for you!  But listen to me! If you’re a poor traveler like me, you must choose the hostels as you know. From the previous posts some of our readers knows it. I always choose in the city centre. Because old cities in Europe, usually deploying in the city centre. All those important places, buildings, attractions are in the city centre. That’s was my reason. But for this time all those things went wrong! Cause of my native friend! Ah, Italians… Eh La Madonna! He has selected our hostel which was the New Generation Hostel Urban Citta Studi. It wasn’t in the centre of Milan, but Italians know the best! We’ve paid 118 euros for 3 nights and 4 days of accommodation. According to my Italian Bro, it was a fair price because it was close to city centre (by metro for 3-4 stations far away) and university area. So, suddenly it became a good option for us. We’ve stayed with 10 other people. Yeah, we’ve stayed closely ? but the room was divided with two half hall. Six one has stayed in one half and six in another half. I said it before, but it was a good experience for us. Because we met artists, designers and many singers in those rooms. So, it was a good memory for me (cried deeply). Also, the first day of Milan we came early in the morning. We left our baggage at the hostel and we’ve explored the city. After the first day, we’ve come to the hostel late and all these 12-person rooms were full. So, thanks to my Italian friend we stayed in 2-person room! They argued with each other and sometimes even if the hostel’s owners turned me and said some Italian words but all I did was Si, si, Hai Ragione, Amico! I think it was well than expected!


Home of Milan or Inter?… Whatever…

Soooo, beloved coologger friends and readers, this is the end of the first post. Don’t worry, second and third one will be more than this! But as you know, we need to extend our website to the other people in the world. So, if you’re reading this, please share it with your friends! And always remember that I’m not an Italian, I’m not a British or American. So, there will be always some grammar mistakes in here but don’t worry I use Grammarly! Thanks again and see you soon!


Arrivederci mi amici!

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