Roma Travel Guide (Part One)

Ciao a tutti! Benvenuto su! Oggi visitiamo Roma! Cominciamo!

Welcome everyone again! Today we’re going to visit Roma or Rome! As you know our website’s language is Turkish. But for our post for Italia and of course Rome, we made an exception. We decide to use English in this post! More international clicks yay! So, Roma or Rome is one of the favorite cities of mine in Europe. Of course, it’s on my top 5 list! But I can’t say the rank! Roma has many reasons to see. It’s the one of the best romance city in the world. Also, it has a country inside of its borders! It’s really unusual. But we know the reason. The Vatican! So, in this post, we’re going to talk about how to go there and where to stay subjects. The next post will about the where to visit in Roma. So, if you’re ready, cuz we’re ready. Let’s begin!

Turkish version is here!


How to Go to Rome?

It’s easy if you’re living in Europe. You can choose bus, plane or train. But my recommendation is plane. It’s faster and sometimes even if cheaper than others. I think it’s the best option for every single country (except Italy).  But if you’re living in Turkey, you must choose a plane! There’s no other logical option. I know that you can do an interrail. But why? Imagine that you’re traveling Europe by train. It could be a death call if you’re doing this in summer! So, be logical and get in this god damn plane!
So, we’ve agreed to choose plane I think. In Europe, you have so many options about the flight tickets. You can check the tickets on RyanAir, Wizz Air,Easyjet or others. But in Turkey, we have two most popular airlines. Whose are Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines. If you want to comfort trip, you can choose Turkish Airlines. But it’s expensive than Pegasus. If you’re a fan of low-cost airlines like me, you can choose Pegasus! But even if that say we’re low-cost airlines like Europeans, no it’s not true! Sometimes it’s more expensive than Turkish Airlines! So, you must follow the sale days.
By the way, I must say this, I’m not a hater of trains and buses. In my second Italy trip (the first one is here) I used all the transportation systems. You’ll see in the next posts!


For Europeans, you can check cheap bus tickets on Flixbus, Eurobus, Eurolines or Postbus. Those are my previous selections. I think Flixbus is better than any other bus companies. But sometimes you have unclean buses! It’s a luck I think. They’re cheap at the end of the day. What can I say that?

So what did I do?

As you know I used to live in Germany. So, traveling was much easier than today. We paid 128 Euros for round trip (two people and 4 tickets). I think it was an okay price. Because we booked our tickets only 1.5 months before the arrival. It is possible to find some cheaper flights during the periods. I suggested to you to look up the tickets all the time! So we took off the plane at the Cologne Bonn Airport and we arrived at the Rome Ciampino. We paid 5 euros (each person) to get city center. You can find lots of options at the airport. We have a lot of shuttles at the Rome Ciampino. So, don’t worry. But if you’re but tickets for a round trip, you can pay less. Remember that.
Finally, we’ve arrived at the Rome Termini Train Station. And, it only takes 5 minutes to reach our hostel by walking.

Roma Streets…

Where to Stay in Rome?

Open or or whatever accommodation website you want and choose the best one for you!  But listen to me! Don’t be ashamed of the choosing the hostels. Those are really great places to meet new people and learn new stories. Because you always find an interesting person there.

Some of our readers know that I always choose to stay in the city center.
Because of old cities in Europe, usually deployed in the city center. All those famous places, buildings, attractions are in the city center. That’s was my reason.

So, we chose the Hostel Beauty. It was an okay hostel but it was in the city center. It takes 5 minutes to reach Termini station. We’ve stayed in 4 bed mixed room but we had a problem. The problem was, we’ve stayed in 6 bed mixed room. They divided the room with a door. So, you must open the door to access exit. Initially, you were disturbing the other people. The other people mean me! In the late of the night, we were hearing the door sound. It was frustrating. We didn’t have any air conditioners in our room. We only had a fan. Rome nights is as hot as the days. So we were heating in the room. But the location was great. We didn’t pay much money for the transportation tickets. We only pay if we needed to. So for this aspect, it was a good choice. But in the other aspects, it was a really bad choice.

We paid 148 Euros for the hostel. It was expensive but my Italian friends told me that it was a fair price. We’ve stayed for 3 nights in the hostel. Also, we paid 3.5 euros for taxes (day by day). And we don’t have any breakfast. But hostel had a kitchen and fridge. So, we used it. They had shared bathrooms. It was filthy. Sometimes it’s clean and sometimes it’s not. So, I don’t recommend this hostel. Go and find another hostel for your own sake!

Fiat Cinquecento

So, beloved coologger friends and readers, this is the end of the first post. Don’t worry, second and third one will be more than this!  But as you know, we need to extend our website to the other people in the world.  So, if you’re reading this, please share it with your friends! Thanks again and see you soon!



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