Second Day in Milan! (Second Part) Milan Travel Guide

Eh la Madonna!

Hello, coologgers! today we’re continuing our Milan trip. We’re going to explore the best places in Milan. This content has a sightseeing part and eating part. Sports part will be in the third one (Who Knows?) I love the Milan. Fashion, food, sports, music… You can find anything you want here (even if fake Chiara Ferragni at the metro!). If you’re ready, Andiamo!

Where to visit in Milan?

Milan has a many sightseeings. You have many options in here. I did my Milan travel with my Italian friends. So they’ve shown me where to go, where to eat… All that stuff. So these suggestions brought by Italians. The Native Ones!


It is the best Duomo I’ve ever seen. Well, that has many reasons. The first reason is it’s in the city center of course. The second one is the architecture of course.  It is great! I think it looks better than the Firenze one. The white marbles are looked amazing! Biggest Gothic Catedral I mean Duomo in the World. The first part was built on between 1386-1577 and the second part (western side) was built between 1616-1813. Some said it has never finished yet! Because if it is, it’s going to be world’s property.  That’s the way all the time duomo has reconstructions! Also, some said because of the argues between the Italians.  Are we surprised? Of course not! You should visit the roof. It offers you a magnificent view of the city. So, visit it.

The Roof.


Piazza del Duomo from the Roof.
The New Milan from the Roof.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Do you believe in myths? Well, you’re in the right place. That’s true.  According to the belief, the bull’s testicles representing Turin will give you luck if you turn three times on one foot.  Cool right? I know.  Also, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the world’s oldest active shopping mall. It has many shops, hotel, and restaurants in it. The roof looks amazing. Because it was made from iron glass! I mean iron and glass which is cool.  Galleria is next to Duomo.  Visit it!

Dear Turin give me a luck…
Magnificent Iron-Glass Roof!

Castello Sforzesco

It’s on end of the Via Dante.  It was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan. Later renovated and enlarged, in the 16th and 17th centuries it was one of the largest citadels in Europe. It has 9 museums in it. Walking and chilling in the garden is free but you must pay for the museums. The castle has a quadrangular plan, site across the city’s walls. Walls are used to protecting dangers from other kingdoms. So, walls are tall, really tall but not that The Great Wall. Also, on the back of the castle, Sempione Park and Arco Della Pace.

Entry of The Castle
Mic and Leo were here.

Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Unfortunately, I could not enter because it was closed that day. But to mention the importance; L’ultima Cena is in here. So if you get the chance, please visit there.



Great place to eat food and drink spritz! With the environmental regulations completed in the past years, Navigli has become an alternative for young people to have a good time. With the cafes made on the banks of the river, Navigli promises you a nice dinner. You can eat unlimited food if you buy one of the beverage menus in the cafes here for 8 or 10 euros. As an alternative to places for eating and drinking, I suggest you here. (I went to Spritz Navigli while I was there. I liked it and I recommend it to you.)

The New Navigli!
Mamma Mia! Unlimited Food!

Briscola Pizza Society

Briscola pizza is considered the best pizzeria in the north. I don’t say it says the Italians. You have to book a few days in advance to get to the famous place with Naples style pizzas. Otherwise, it’s really hard to find a place. Apart from that, the ambiance provided together with the rows of tables arranged in rows constitutes a warm environment. Prices are not expensive. You can eat a big pizza around 10 euros. You can also taste the special red beer in the Briscola. If you want to eat a good Italian Pizzas, come here definitely.

La Madonna! Lo Adoro!

San Siro-Giuseppe Meazza

If you are a fan of football like me, you should definitely visit this mabah. You can reach this magnificent stadium with metro, which hosts AC Milan and Inter F.C. The stadium is among my favorites with its design. In the museum which located in the stadium, you can find information about the clubs.  Also be sure to visit fan shops. You can find many kinds of products. If you are lucky like me you can even watch the match!

AC Milan and AS Roma! What a game!

What Must You Do in Milan? 

Shopping! Espresso! and History! 


When you go to the Duomo, do not forget to go out on the roof.
Eat a toast from the toasters around the Duomo.
When you go to Galleria, drink an espresso in Caffe Motta.
Dive into the streets of the city and discover the city.
Try one of the unlimited menus in Navigli. 


do shopping!


Soooo, beloved coologger friends and readers, this is the end of the post. Don’t worry, the third one will be more than this! But as you know, we need to extend our website to the other people in the world. So, if you’re reading this, please share it with your friends! And always remember that I’m not an Italian, I’m not a British or American. So, there will be always some grammar mistakes in here but don’t worry I use Grammarly! Thanks again and see you soon!


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